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    Sussex Water Mains Ltd trenchless water pipe installation (moling) begins with the digging of a series of small holes, which are typically 0.7m x 0.5m x 0.7m in size. We then start the moling process by lowering the moling equipment (grundomat) into the hole and allowing it to bore under the ground from where the new pipe will start and then end.

    This then means the ground above is not disturbed and your driveway, garden, pavement or patio is untouched. All the holes that are dug are reinstated to the highest standard and in most cases you can never tell that you have just had a new pipe installed.

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    Services We Offer

    Sussex Water Mains Ltd specialise in a process called Moling (trenchless technology). With the moling process, we can install new water supplies to any area that may require new pipes.

    Lead pipe removal via moling methods

    If your property was built before 1970, it is highly likely that water supply pipes are lead. We advise that all lead water mains are replaced straight away, particularly if children are present in the property.

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    Leaking water main repairs

    Water mains can be repaired as well as replaced. Whether it’s a small 1/2″ water mains for a private property or a larger diameter cast iron mains. We are able to repair any size mains with ease.

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    Water main upgrades for new boilers?

    (megaflows-unvented cylinders)

    Are you having a new boiler fitted? An unvented/mega flow boiler?These boilers require at least a 25mm water mains to function correctly.

    Moling in new water mains to solve pressure and flow problems

    Old pipework has a smaller diameter internal bore than our new water main installations. When your old main is replaced with a new mdpe mains the flow into the property can increase significantly.
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    Mains laid and diverted

    (using conventional trenching techniques)

    We install any utility that may also need to be trenched due to the size and complexity of the installation.

    Water meter installations

    (sub meters)

    We are able to install any size water meter. From small 1/2″ sub-meters for privately owned flats or larger bulk meters to be installed onto a private network.

    Gas pipes, electric cables and ducting can also be moled in

    (and left ready for the relevant utility)

    We can install any utility, using the moling technique or traditional trenching methods. We install the utility to full rules and regulations.

    Fire hydrant installations and repairs

    If you have an old private fire hydrant that needs replacing because it’s leaking or seized, or if you need your old hydrants moved to meet new Water Board rules and regulations, we are able to carry out these tasks with ease.

    Water main replacement

    A water main replacement may be necessary because of a pipe bursting or as a result of cracking in a pipe. We use a technique people call moling to do this, which is a trenchless technology and is also one of the leading, most cost-effective methods of water main replacement in the UK.

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    Burst water pipes

    When you spot a leak from a burst pipe, the first thing you must do is turn off the water supply. You need to stop the escape of water immediately and doing so may be important for any home insurance claims.

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    Water Main Upgrade

    We offer fast, effective and experienced water mains upgrade services in the Sussex area, with a quality service that uses specialist equipment. Our talented installation team can make the process of upgrading water mains completely painless by using trenchless water pipe replacement tools.

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    Emergency Water Leak

    We are specialists in leak detection and can reliably fix leaks in a water supply pipe, underground water pipes and any other leaking pipes present in water systems. Your emergency water leak will be fixed quickly by our fully approved plumbers and technicians.

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    We also offer the following
    • Leak detection and tracing
    • Pressure reducing valves
    • Water efficiency projects
    • Chlorination and pressure testing. (Full certificates for all water boards.)

    Sussex Water Mains Ltd carry out every job with pride and can always guarantee A Complete Quality Service!

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