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    Water Meter Installation: New Water Meter Boxes for Homes

    If you have moved or and are unhappy with your bills, a prepaid or smart meter may help. We are the best choice to fit a meter that gives you accurate information on the amount of water you use, which can help to significantly lower your water bill and water usage.

    When you get a new meter installed your water company will be able to more accurately read your meter and have an up to date view of your water supplies. Smart meters can help you to get a more reliable picture of the water usage and prepaid meters can make sure you never use more than you mean to. You can also install water-saving devices on taps and other plumbing fixtures to help save even more money.

    New water meter boxes are ideal for new build domestic properties and existing private homes, as they allow you to increase the efficiency of your utilities and optimise the costs of running your home. You can get a fast quote and apply for a water meter fitting through our reliable installers, get in touch today for more information.

    Benefits of New Water Meter Installations

    High water costs and inefficient usage of your water supplies is frustrating and can have a legitimate effect on your cost of living. The main advantage of a new water installation is the economic savings that you get, which offset the initial investment. 

    There are some other more subtle benefits that you may not have thought about. Other advantages of getting a new meter installed using our services include the following:

    • Environmental benefits: Water is increasingly difficult to manage as a resource, and this comes with an environmental cost. By assessing your water efficiency with a reliable meter you can implement water-saving measures that boost your efficiency – these include better habits, awareness of waste and tap attachments to limit water flow.
    • Better service and reliability: When you use a better meter, whether that is a prepaid meter or a smart meter, you will have a better customer service experience from your water company. Better service comes from the company being better able to understand your water usage and therefore provide more flexible payment plans and rebates and schemes for your meter plan.
    • Adds value to your biggest asset: Smart homes and other technology will become a significant part of the national infrastructure in the coming years. If you could cleverly switch off all of your heating and guarantee you are not using fuel while you are not in a home, you would understandably do so – and you can do similar things with water. Better water meters will add value to a house for a potential buyer.

    It can be difficult to understand what meter is best for you, but we can advise on the most appropriate options depending on the nature of your property. A prepaid meter is ideal for situations where water supplies are less commonly required, such as a second home, guest house or annexe.

    Why Choose Us for Your Water Meter Installation?

    We are a reliable and local company based in the southeast of the UK that can help with a range of issues. Our diverse experience helps us to ensure that every step of your water installation is carried out with the best care possible.

    Our team has over 45 years of experience and will provide access to the best equipment, the most advanced installation techniques and the best skills in the trade. For an idea of what it is like to work with us please see our testimonials.

    A particularly happy customer has the following to say about using our services:

    “The work carried out by Sussex Water Mains was quick and efficient, I have used this company on 4 other projects and they have always been a brilliant company to work with.” – Charles Mitten.
    We also maintain excellent reviews on leading independent trade sites such as Checkatrade.

    Prepaid and Smart Water Meter Installation

    Whether you are looking to effectively manage the costs of running a home with a prepaid meter or need to get a more reliable and adaptable method of controlling water usage in your home, a new water meter installation can help.
    If you want to get the most out of your new water meter in an existing private residential home or new domestic dwelling then you need a reliable installer. Our innovative and friendly team can help, make sure you get in touch for a quote.

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