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    What to Do When Your Water Pipe Bursts

    Burst water pipe

    It is a very alarming situation when you realise that a water pipe has burst. When you spot a leak from a burst pipe, the first thing you must do is turn off the water supply. You need to stop the escape of water immediately and doing so may be important for any home insurance claims. 

    To turn off your water you should do the following:

    • Find the area where your main water pipes are located.
    • Look for the stop tap, which will be nearby, and looks like a normal pipe with a tap in the middle – there is no spout or faucet.
    • Turn the tap to the right to firmly switch off the water supply.

    There are also external stop taps, sometimes called stop clocks or stop valves, at the outside boundary of your property – so if a pipe bursts outside you will need to switch this tap off. 

    After switching off the appropriate stop tap you will need to let the pipes drain. It is a good idea to locate the stop tap in your home when you move in, but if you are unable to find it check the following areas:

    • Basements and cellars.
    • In any utility areas, including garages or outbuildings.
    • In cupboards and storage spaces, such as under the stairs.
    • In the main downstairs bathroom.
    • Under the kitchen sink.

    The most crucial thing when you realise you have a burst water pipe is how you react, so remember to keep calm and always be aware of what you need to do if it happens. We are experts in a range of pipe and water main installations, repairs and replacements, so we are a good source of information on the causes of burst pipes and what to do.

    If you have a burst water pipe in the Sussex area of the UK please feel free to get in touch for a fast and professional solution.

    Why Does a Burst Water Pipe Happen?

    There are many potential causes of a burst water pipe, most notably the cold weather that comes from severe winters. However, pipes can burst in warm weather too. Cold temperatures can cause the pipes to become freezing and burst as when ice forms the water expands, which can result in massive pressure within the pipe.

    Sudden temperature drops in unheated areas are a common way that pipes crack. As a result, avoiding frozen temperatures and cold air is an important prevention strategy. Ways that a water pipe can burst in warm weather include the following:

    • High local water usage: If your area is using a lot of water during the summer months this pressure can affect warped pipes, which may have initially developed problems during the winter. This increased demand can cause an old or unreliable pipe system to fail or burst even in warm air.
    • Extreme temperatures: Very high temperatures can damage pipes both outside and inside houses. Summer weather is increasingly extreme, and if there are sudden temperature changes from rainfall then the risk of pipe cracking and bursting increases.
    • Chalky water: Some areas, notably much of Sussex and the south coast of the UK, have chalky water that can cause clogging. Clogging increases the pressure on the pipes, which raises the chance of a water pipe bursting. Other minerals and substances such as clay can also cause pipes to clog.

    Clogging might also occur as a result of encroaching tree roots, other debris and sewage blockages. A key cause of burst pipes is also simply excessive wear and old age, which can cause any type of pipe to burst. If water pipes do not have protection such as PVC guards and rock wool insulation, they may be more likely to burst.

    What to Do About a Burst Water Pipe and Prevention

    The most important thing to do if you have a burst water pipe is to turn off the water. Without water running through the pipe you will avoid further damage and can more accurately inspect the pipes. In houses, water damage can be extensive and also cause floors and ceilings to warp, undermining their structural integrity.

    Once your water is off you will need a reliable water pipe repair or replacement provider to fit the new pipe and test it before turning the water back on. Look for someone that offers the following services, which will indicate reliability:

    • Guarantees, quality water main and pipe replacement experts are confident in their work. 
    • Experience, knowing how to best replace a pipe comes after many years in the trade – and will deliver you the most dependable results.
    • Equipment, cutting edge tools such as moling equipment can help to replace or repair pipes more easily and cost-effectively – especially for leaks outdoors.
    • Water board trained staff, free quotations and price match guarantees.

    To prevent a burst water pipe make sure that you have regular inspections and maintenance. Inspections cost less than full replacements or repairs and they also help stop leaks before damage occurs, so they are worthwhile. Avoiding temperature extremes and protecting water pipes can also prevent them from bursting.

    It can be difficult to find a dependable source of help when a water pipe bursts, along with many other water main and plumbing issues, so keep the above points in mind when picking your provider.

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      How to Fix a Burst Water Pipe

      Turn off the water, assess the damage and call a reliable provider to replace your burst water pipes. Do not resume using water until the problem is remedied, as you may cause issues with insurance cover and cause further damage to the property.

      You can prevent a burst water pipe through regular maintenance and protecting the pipes from extreme temperatures, as well as replacing older pipe systems with modern upgrades. Get in touch if you have a burst water pipe in Sussex today.

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