Water Main Replacement Using Trenchless Technology

A water main replacement may be necessary because of a pipe bursting or as a result of cracking in a pipe. We use a technique people call moling to do this, which is a trenchless technology and is also one of the leading, most cost-effective methods of water main replacement in the UK.

Moling works by using a special piece of equipment, a mole. A mole is a powerful pneumatic tool that drives through the soil along the path for a pipe. Without the need for digging a trench, moling gives you the opportunity for more cost-effective, less invasive water pipe replacement.

Burst pipe with water leak

Moling is a modern and effective trenchless technology. We use the latest trenchless methods and techniques to keep costs down during all of our water main replacement services. For a free quote on your trenchless water main replacement project, please contact us for a free and accurate quote.

Why use our water main replacement services

We are specialists in trenchless technology. At Sussex Watermains, we will offer you a complete water main replacement service and provide a swift, no-hassle installation led by highly-trained engineers.

Moling is a technology that has many uses. In addition to water main replacement, our moling services can help with lead water pipe removal and other kinds of leaking water main repairs.

As highly-trained specialists we are experts in using the best equipment for the most effective outcome of your project. The benefits of using our trenchless moling methods for your water main replacement include the following:

  • Speed of installation: Water main issues can be severely detrimental to daily life but our team uses fast, cost-effective methods to speed up the process. By being able to guarantee a high level of speed, you can enjoy proper water flow as soon as possible.
  • Efficiency of service: Trenchless methods mean a minimal amount of digging, so the impact moling has on gardens or grounds is not very disruptive. Every replacement pipe will provide just as much water pressure as it would if we had used a conventional trench method when digging a trench, but we can install them much more efficiently.
  • Overall performance: If you require a water main replacement you are probably irritated by the quality of your water flow, or the effect of a pipe bursting or cracking on your property. Trenchless methods are one of the most effective solutions for installing high-quality pipes with the best water pressure.

We always offer the finest quality when it comes to replacing your pipes. The quality of the machinery we use, the replacement pipes that we lay and the service we provide to you all make for a smooth painless experience. We aim to go beyond what your average plumber or local water company will give you.

Carrying out a water main replacement can be a daunting prospect, but there is no need to worry as our cost-effective trenchless methods will give you the best outcome. Moling is a fresh, modern approach that leaves us with many extremely happy clients.

Trenchless water main replacement using cost-effective methods

Using trenchless methods for your water main replacement is a clever, cost-effective and modern approach. The overall results will be more effective water pressure or water flow and reliable water supplies that will last.

We use the best technology and highly-trained engineers for both your water main replacement and any other services you need from us. You will have a 10-year guarantee on all the work we carry out, which we offer to you with the confidence of our 45 years of experience working in Sussex.

To get your water pipe replacement project underway, contact us for a free and accurate quote. One of our friendly and helpful team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions.

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