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    Residential and Commercial Water Main Repair

    Burst water main repairs are essential and require stringent procedures to safely and securely fix in an emergency. We are experts in carrying out the work you require in the fastest possible time. A leaking or broken water main can cause considerable damage.

    Water Pressure From A Large Pipe Over The River

    Our services rely on a capable and experienced team of knowledgeable drainage, water main and moling technicians. We are one of the best water main repair companies in the south-east of the UK, and we always use the latest equipment.

    Our services rely on a capable and experienced team of knowledgeable drainage, water main and moling technicians. We are one of the best water main repair companies in the south-east of the UK, and we always use the latest equipment.

    If you have an emergency please feel free to contact us. If you are worried about a potential leak in your house or have a non-emergency problem you can also get in touch. Our team will give you a free call back as soon as possible.

    How Long Does it Take to Repair Water Mains?

    The time it takes to repair a water main depends on the nature of the problem. Small leaks and minor cracks take a shorter amount of time to repair than an extensive replacement project, so the average time will vary.

    Whatever the requirements of your repair project, we promise to spend as little time on site as is safely possible when fixing your water mains. In any case, once we arrive on the site we will quickly do the following:

    • shut off valves and stop any leaks
    • identify breaks and points of plumbing failure
    • locate a means of access to the affected area

    Our repair team can either find a temporary solution if the problem is very small, at which point we are happy to do further repairs later. We aim to immediately repair any burst or broken pipes in situations where there is a possibility of extensive damage or danger to safety.

    Our Water Main Repair Equipment

    When you undertake a water main repair project you want the advantage of the best tools for a lasting solution. For this reason, we only use the latest and highest-quality equipment.

    We use a range of couplings, repair clamps and adaptors that are ideal for fixing water mains. All of our repair materials are durable and of a very high quality, which makes them suitable for both commercial and residential repairs.

    Man Using A Large Wrench On Water Pipes

    Our Water Main Repair Team

    We couple our industry-leading equipment with our experienced and knowledgeable team, who will guide you in all of our services. Every team member that will work on your water main repair has the relevant training and accreditations. We are water board trained and offer a 10-year guarantee.

    Although water main leaks and burst pipes can be very annoying, and even alarming in the case of an emergency, we promise to provide a friendly and professional service with effective outcomes.

    Our team has over 45 years of experience, which means we can deal with a lot of different situations easily. One of our customers requiring work at short notice says:

    “We have used the services of Sussex Water Mains a number of times here at Roedean. I have always found their attitude very positive, even when I have called out of hours requiring them to attend at very short notice. Their work has always been of a good standard, and I would certainly contact them as my first choice.”

    Mr Paul de Garis, Estate Manager, Roedean School

    If you want to see what other people have to say about our services please feel free to view our testimonials page.

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      Residential and Commercial Water Main Repair in Sussex

      If you have a small water main repair issue or you require an emergency response to your burst pipes with larger leaks, we will act swiftly and safely to fix the issue. Our work earns us excellent reviews on Checkatrade.

      As one of the best water main companies in the south-east of the UK, we will take care of every step of the process and provide a long-lasting outcome. Contact us today or get in touch for a free callback.

      FAQs and Useful Information

      The following are some frequently asked questions about water main repairs and the service we provide:

      How much does it cost to fix a water main?

      The cost of repair for your water main depends on the severity of the issue. Extensive breaks and pipe collapses take more time to fix than small cracks, and this will influence the cost. However, we always aim to provide fair and competitive prices.

      How do you know if your water main is leaking?

      The telltale signs of a leaking pipe include the following:

      • cracks in foundations
      • damp walls
      • low water pressure
      • puddles indoors
      • abnormally high utility bills
      • bad smells
      • sounds, such as  banging, bubbling, clanking and dripping 
      • water in the garden
      • water in the road
      • wet spots and areas of discolouration

      If you think you may have a leak, make sure you get in touch with us as soon as possible to organise repair.

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