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    Underground Moling Services in the South East

    We provide trenchless solutions for water main and water pipe repair or installation. Using innovative moling techniques we can access mains and pipes in a minimally invasive way and carry out repairs and installations. Moling is also a fast and low-cost approach as it uses advanced equipment to save considerable time.

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    The ‘mole’ is a specialist tool that drives its way through the soil to lay pipe and does not disturb the ground above. You can access any area with moling techniques and this is a key part of our services.

    As experienced contractors, we can provide an efficient service suitable for many budgets. For a free quote on our moling services and to get your water main or pipe project underway please contact us for more information.

    What Can Moling Solutions Do?

    Moling helps with a range of water main and pipe problems, and we can deliver extensive moling services depending on your needs. Our moling solutions can help with the following:

    • lead pipe removal
    • leaking water main repairs
    • pressure and flow problems in new water mains
    • laying or diverting mains
    • gas pipes, electric cables and ducting installation
    • water main replacement

    The speed and convenience of moling make it a desirable technology. With many applications and as a hassle-free trenchless option, it is a compelling technique that uses cutting edge equipment for brilliant results.

    Why Choose Us?

    We offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our work and have the experience of over 45 years. All of our staff have full training and accreditation. Our engineers have a great dedication to their trade and will carry out all work efficiently and professionally.

    As leaders in the industry, we have an outstanding reputation and provide the following additional benefits to our service:

    • £10,000,000 public liability insurance
    • a friendly family run business
    • free quotes
    • highly professional and competent moling and water engineers
    • a price match guarantee
    • a price reduction for people over 65’s
    • quality, reliability and satisfaction guaranteed
    • water board trained

    You need not take our word for it, explore our testimonials page for some detail on what our many happy clients have to say. One of our clients has this to say about our moling services:

    “I’ve used other moling contractors in the past, but would be lost without Sussex Watermains skills now. They add another string to the bow of my plumbing business.”

    Lee Stafford XBG, Plumbing & Heating

    For information and detail about our ratings and reputation please see our Checkatrade page.

    Underground Moling Services in Sussex

    We are a knowledgeable and experienced team and provide the best moling services in Sussex. Our moling solutions can help with a range of water main and water pipe issues, and come at a cost that will suit most budgets.

    We provide a complete and high-quality service whatever your moling needs. You can get a free quote from us for your moling work by contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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      FAQs and Useful Information

      The following are some frequently asked questions about moling and the services we provide:

      How much does moling cost?

      Moling costs depend on the complexity and scale of the project. It can be frustrating not to know in advance how much you can expect to pay, but it is always less than methods that use trenches as moling techniques remove a lot of excess time and equipment from the project.

      What does moling mean?

      Moling is the trenchless method we use to install and repair pipes and other water main issues. It uses a specialist piece of equipment, called the ‘mole’ to burrow its way underground along the path of a pipe. When we say ‘moling’ we refer to this pneumatic burrowing process. There is no external difference to the ground above the mole.

      How does a pneumatic mole work?

      The ‘mole’ is essentially a pneumatic tool, meaning it operates mainly using air or gas, that pushes its way horizontally through the soil. It works similarly to a pneumatic drill that you may see on a construction site, which drives through the service and pushes along a set path.

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