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    Professional Lead Pipe Replacement Services

    Lead water pipes can cause a build-up of contaminants and metal, which pollutes the water supply. Lead is a dangerous substance and can cause poisoning in humans. Our moling techniques offer a trench-free method of removing lead pipes and replacing them with new modern pipes that will last for many years to come.

    Replacement of old metal water pipes

    We can provide you with a low-cost lead pipe replacement service that uses innovative moling techniques and our efficient installation team to make replacing lead pipes cheaper and less invasive. You can take advantage of our advanced lead pipe replacement equipment and remove lead pipes quickly and simply. Make sure you get in touch with us for a quote on your lead pipe replacement project today.

    Efficient and non-invasive lead pipe replacement services at a low cost

    At the core of our services is a dedication to innovation and technical expertise, which gives us an edge in the world of lead pipe replacement and a range of other important water main and water pipe projects. We proudly achieve this by making ourselves leading adopters of the process of moling.

    We recognise your need for a non-invasive lead pipe replacement, and by using moling we will help you do this. Moling uses a specialist piece of pneumatically-driven equipment, which we call the mole, to drive through the earth along the path of a pipe. We can simply remove your pipes using moling methods and replace them with modern alternatives.

    Here at Sussex Watermains we provide a service that is:

    • Completely non-disruptive: Gardens and outdoor areas will not have the impact of the disruption that is necessary when digging a trench. By using trench-free techniques we can also remove and replace lead pipes a lot faster.
    • Efficient and on time: Delays and disruptions are unlikely when using our significantly advanced yet innovative and simple equipment. Time is also saved as our expert team is very experienced, fully accredited or trained and has a very high level of productivity.
    • Long-lasting: Once your lead pipe replacement project is complete, you will have a very durable, modern and low-cost water pipe. This replacement pipe will resist damage and corrosion, meaning any further repair or replacement will be unnecessary for a great many years after your project is complete.

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      Lead is dangerous, and if your property was built before 1970 then it is quite likely that your water main pipes are lead. Lead is neurotoxic and can harm brain development in children, so you need to avoid it. We can help with identifying lead pipes and guide you through the replacement process and advise on any other pipe safety issues you may have.

      Your water supplier may have a lead pipe replacement scheme or replacement grant, which can help you to bypass some expenses. We are an experienced and trustworthy company and can exceed any standards your water supplier may have. You can get advice from your supplier on applying for your replacement grant.

      The service levels we provide has given us some very happy clients. Our wonderful team has over 45 years of experience between them, and are experts in delivering low-cost, innovative solutions on a variety of water main and pipe replacement projects. 

      Cost-effective, modern lead pipe replacement in Sussex

      You need to remove lead pipes efficiently and practically. Our lead pipe replacement services use modern techniques and an efficient team to complete your replacement in the fastest possible time. Our efficiency and use of high-quality, low-cost modern materials help us reduce the costs and the duration of your pipe project.

      We will provide a knowledgeable, friendly and professional service throughout all of our services. Your lead pipe replacement project will finish on time and budget after we give you a precise quote for the cost. Get in touch with us today and one of our helpful team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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