The Best Water Main Upgrade Services in Sussex

We offer fast, effective and experienced water mains upgrade services in the Sussex area, with a quality service that uses specialist equipment. Our talented installation team can make the process of upgrading water mains completely painless by using trenchless water pipe replacement tools, which are also very cost-effective.

Man Using A Large Wrench On Water Pipes

A water mains upgrade will enhance the user experience in your hot water and heating system and has the following additional benefits:

  • Safer pipes: We can upgrade your entire water main line if necessary, which will eliminate any concerns you might have about lead piping causing issues in your water supply. Our services can easily replace the lead pipes with plastic pipes and will upgrade the water mains up to your main property boundary.
  • Better water pressure: A more efficient pipe system can help to increase the flow rate of hot and cold water, which removes the problems of poor water pressure. More pleasant showers or baths, faster filling lavatory cisterns and tap pressure can all come from the installation of a water mains upgrade.
  • New water meters: Older water meters are less accurate and can result in higher bills from your local water company. With new water meters, it is simple to get an accurate reading – and modernising your water meter during a water main upgrade is the ideal time to replace it in a non-disruptive way.

All of our team members are water board-certified and will provide installation and upgrading services that comply with all current regulations. We can also upgrade any part of the water main supply system, including internal stopcocks or stop taps and communication pipes. Please feel free to get in touch with us for a free quote.

How We Supply The Best Water Main Upgrades

Many of our cutting edge services make use of innovative and modern moling technologies, which involves specialist pieces of equipment that help us to efficiently lay and replace pipes. Moling equipment makes upgrading any length of pipe simple, non-disruptive and cost-effective. 

The equipment we use resembles a pneumatic drill. The ‘mole’ goes into a small hole where the replacement is taking place and is bored underground to its destination. All gardens, driveways and other above-ground surfaces are not disrupted by moling. 

Some people worry about the impact of pipe replacements when upgrading their water mains. However, once a pipe is laid there are almost no signs of a pipe being there and, to the naked eye, it is impossible to tell where the replacement might be.

Why Choose Us for Your Water Main Upgrade?

Burst water pipe

We offer an excellent combination of skills, experience, technical capability and quality – and we are confident that our complete service will give you the best results in Sussex. There is no project too big or small for us to handle effectively.

Our team has over 45 years of experience and we also offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our work. We have very knowledgeable team members who are familiar with local water companies in Sussex and can take care of every aspect of the installation.

Further reasons for choosing our high-quality services include the following:

  • We are a local, family-run company with extensive experience in the area
  • Our services come with an industry-leading price match guarantee
  • You get exceptional customer service – with a reliable, high-quality result
  • Free quotes for all of our work
  • Team members with full water board training and certification
  • Highly trained engineers, who can rise to all challenges with ease
  • Large public liability insurance, to a value of £10 million
  • Price reduction benefits for people aged 65 and over

You can fix any leaks in your system by upgrading or replacing your water main, which can catch even small leaks and lower your water meter readings in some cases. A water main upgrade can preemptively catch a problem before it develops.

If you require any additional services, such as water pipe upgrades for a new boiler, we can include these in our quotation. Pipe upgrades can improve the efficiency of your central heating, so they are a good way of enhancing your existing pipe system.

What Our Clients Say About the Quality of Our Services

We are a highly regarded company with excellent ratings on leading independent trade sites such as Checkatrade. We receive many positive reviews. See below for what one very happy customer has to say about their experience using our services: 

“Sussex Water Mains undertook the job of relocating our water main. This is not a job that most people undertake very often, and initially, it appeared to be daunting as it involved work both on our property and in the road on Southern Water’s connections and meters. Sussex Water Mains were recommended and they dealt with all these various aspects in a competent and professional manner on our behalf, and we would recommend them without any reservation.” – Mr Chris Andersen, Homeowner, Brighton.

For more information on how people feel about using our quality services please feel free to take a look at our testimonials page for further details.

Fast and Efficient Water Main Upgrades in Sussex

We can deliver the best water main upgrade services at the lowest possible costs, thanks to our innovative equipment and highly specialised team. If you want first-class upgrading for your water mains we are the best choice for a reliable, friendly and local choice that delivers the best results.

Our services are carried out to the most exacting standards, which will boost the value of your property as we can deliver very reliable infrastructure. We are experts in delivering high levels of water efficiency too, which can cut your bills – so choosing us is a wise investment. We are also Safe Contractor Approved for total peace of mind.

You can prevent future leaks, boost water pressure and ensure the overall health and reliability of your water main and pipe system for many years to come – with a 10-year guarantee on your water main upgrade. As experts in the supply and installation of many water main services we are the ideal choice in Sussex, get in touch for a quote

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