Sussex Water Mains Features in National Clean Water Campaign

Aaron Folan, director of Sussex Water Mains, has been selected by WaterSafe to feature in its latest film on the importance of hiring approved professionals for water supply pipe repairs.

The film explains how detecting and repairing leaks in water supply pipes, the pipe that carries water from the street to private homes and business, is a specialist job that requires unique equipment and expertise. 

WaterSafe is a national accreditation body dedicated to approving drinking water contractors. Aaron was one of only two of its members selected to take part in the film, which stresses not only the importance of hiring a WaterSafe approved professional but also how to find one.

Aaron is proud to have been asked to take part in the video. As director of his own water supply company and a groundworker himself, Aaron is well-versed in providing the specialist services encouraged by WaterSafe.

With 17 years of experience within the industry, Aaron was also well-placed to speak about the daily work of a water supply pipe installer and knows first-hand the importance of keeping the UK’s drinking water safe. 

“WaterSafe approval means I’m a member of a trusted water industry-backed scheme, which reassures my customers that I’m fully qualified to do a competent, professional job.” – Aaron Folan, Director of Sussex Water Mains.

Who is WaterSafe?

WaterSafe is a national accreditation body which examines and approves plumbers, water supply pipe installers and other water service specialists to help keep tap water in homes and businesses safe. With a free online national register of skilled and approved contractors (supported by all UK water companies and drinking water regulators), WaterSafe allows you to find the nearest qualified contractor to help keep your water supplies safe and healthy.

In accordance with WaterSafe’s mission to provide safe and healthy drinking water for all, NHS guidance has advised that all hospital trusts use approved WaterSafe contractors on their premises in order to safeguard public health. 

Who is Sussex Water Mains?

Sussex Water Mains is a team of moling and water main repair experts with combined experience of over four decades. Aaron and his team carry out a wide range of services across Sussex including water main installations and repairs, water metre installations, and emergency water leak callouts. With a rating of 9.95 on Checkatrade, you can rely on them to deal with your water main issues quickly and efficiently.