How to Read a Water Meter

A commercial or domestic water meter reading can give you valuable insights into the status of your water supply. Understanding readings can help people in many settings to appreciate the estimated bill increases excessive water usage can cause. Water meter readings can also indicate potential leaks and problems with plumbing.

To read your meter you need to find it, which can sometimes be tricky in both houses and industrial buildings. Check utility areas and within cupboards, many have a small metal or plastic cover. It is probably near your stop tap, which you use to turn off your master water pipes in the event of a leak.

Once you have found your water meter face, which is normally circular whether it is digital or analogue, you will see the following two things:

  1. Your serial number.
  2. Your meter reading in cubic metres (m3).

To read your meter do the following:

Look for the black numbers: This will tell you many cubic metres you have used. The red numbers record increments of these meters in tenths and hundredths.

Greater awareness and understanding provides an incentive for people to implement strategies to reduce water usage, as well as keeping ahead of maintenance concerns. 

As a result, water meter readings can help you save money by giving you the following:

  • A clearer idea of how much water you are using.
  • Better accuracy on your bills.
  • Quick access to signs of a leak.

As leading suppliers of reliable water mains installations, we have the understanding to help people read their own domestic or commercial meters and provide information on what a meter reading can tell you. 

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When to Check Your Water Meter

Common times people might want to take a water meter reading include the following situations:

  • When moving home: If you are thinking of buying a home reading the water meter will provide some useful insights into the state of the plumbing system. Notably, you can estimate how much your expected bills will be by judging from the current fixtures or fittings when viewing or surveying a property.
  • After installing new plumbing: Getting used to new plumbing can be a challenge, particularly when you have no idea how much water new taps or other fixtures are using. Make sure you read your water meter after new plumbing is installed and regularly monitor the difference for any changes.
  • When trying to save water: Water is something that you can actively try to use less so that you lower your bills. The metered readings are the most accurate, which means you can test different strategies to see what works best. The effects of tap attachments and aerators can easily be measured by your readings.

Understanding the implications of your water meter reading can help you to get a better sense of how much you use and your impact on the environment. It is easier to remain aware of the need to save water when you have an accurate view of how many cubic metres you are running through.

It is important to read a water meter regularly. The typical person may not need to check their water meter every week, but if you check your water meter every 6 months or so you can help keep ahead of any surprise changes to your bills and determine if there are any undetected leaks.

Understanding How to Read a Water Meter

Some people can lose touch with how much of their essential utilities they use, which can result in nasty adjustments to your expected bills. You can take a water meter reading simply by locating the meter and reading the black numbers – which represent full cubic metres. Smart meters may have greater accuracy and detail.

We are a trustworthy and experienced provider of water main services across Sussex in the south-east of the UK, so we have the understanding to offer tips on how to read a water meter effectively and when it is useful. For professional water main or pipe installation, repair and maintenance please feel free to get in touch for a quote.